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Distance can destroy family relationships.  Making sure it’s the right thing to do for the child is paramount.

Cases when parents share custody of children but one parent wants to move away with the children are usually the most hostile and hard-fought battles we see in the family courts. This stands to reason because this is the one type of case where the relationship between the child and the parent left behind usually suffers.  Thus, an understanding of the laws surrounding relocation cases is incredibly important.

The attorneys at Nevada Family Law Group wrote the law on relocation cases. 

As part of their effort to address the inequities in custody law, and to address a flaw in the landmark Nevada Supreme Court decision addressing relocation cases, Attorney Keith Pickard and his team of child relocation attorneys went to great lengths to establish fair and equitable rules by which we all now operate. (read the article here)   While before it was a “race to the border” to see who would get custody, now both parents must agree, or get permission from the court, before anyone moves with the children.  This allows for the needs of the children to control what happens, not simply who got there first.

For more on the rules surrounding cases of relocation with children, visit our article here. (read about A263 here).

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