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Getting an equitable division of the assets and debts acquired during a marriage is the foundation of the future.

Divorce can become an economic disaster for families.  But it need not be a sentence to poverty if the division is done right, especially if the parties have started a business or acquired substantial assets.  The attorneys at Nevada Family Law Group understand the need to assure that this division means neither party is left high and dry.

We protect our client’s financial interests no matter the size of their holdings.

At Nevada Family Law Group, our team of attorneys, paralegals, and independent experts work together to make sure our clients get their fair share of what has been built over time.  Nevada law requires an equitable division of the marital assets and debts.  But it takes an experienced family law attorney to know how to find and value those assets.  Too often it seems that the more someone has, the more they want to keep it.  Our team knows how to deal with these issues and make sure our clients’ interests are protected.

Identifying and valuing the marital assets and debts.

The division of marital assets is, for the most part, a fairly straight-forward exercise.  If the estate is small, meaning there is not a lot of value in what the parties have acquired, then distribution of the assets and debts often simply comes down to a decision of who’s going to take what and be done.  A fight over the items might cost more than the items are worth. But in high-value estates, we often have complex financial portfolios, businesses, and property to appraise before a full understanding of the value can be had. 

The team at Nevada Family Law Group is well prepared to assist in identifying and valuing the marital assets and debts.  Working with some of the most highly-regarded experts in the field, our team can investigate, identify, and establish the market value of these assets and determine how best to divide them so that both parties walk away with a fair share of the value of the estate.


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Because an equitable division of marital assets and debts will largely determine your economic future, make sure you’re not leaving it to mere guesswork.  Instead, let our team at Nevada Family Law Group help you get your fair share of what you have built up over the marriage.  Call (702) 910-4300 today to speak to an experienced family law attorney about how to retain what is rightfully yours.