There are many different outcomes of divorce. We often hear about the fighting that exists between ex-spouses, particularly when they differ as to how to raise or pay for their children. It is not uncommon for one parent to sue the other when a disagreement arises between them. But here’s a situation we are seeing with increasing frequency: children suing parents who are in agreement.

This is a not-so-bizarre tale of a child of privilege who believes she is entitled to being supported by her parents beyond the age of emancipation. Most adults come to the realization that they become responsible to care and pay for themselves once they become an adult. Even if parents agree to help, it is expected that the young adult should work hard to get scholarships, and even contribute to their own living expenses. But this case is different. Funded by her grandparents, this young woman successfully sued her parents so that she didn’t have to work at all. You decide for yourself if it’s proper. I have told my children that although I may contribute, they don’t get a free ride.

Tuition lawsuit pits daughter vs. Mom and Dad