Often I get asked if a foreign marriage is valid in the United States. For some reason, some believe that if a marriage was solemnized in another country it isn’t recognized in ours. In fact, it is.

This subject even came up recently in the news. Not that TMZ is a particularly reliable “news” source, but it is still instructive in that it has become a bit of a bellwether of trivia and pop culture. Yes, Amal got what so many other women wanted, the talented, uber-rich, and good looking Prince George (not the Royal one), and there’s not much an American can do about it.

          George Clooney — Italian Wedding Legal and Binding

Italian Wedding Legal and Binding George Clooney didn’t do what some celebs do when they tie the knot overseas … in his case, marriage on foreign soil is legal and binding, because we have the official document that says so. We’ve seen it before … a celeb gets “hitched” outside the U.S.