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In any family law matter where children are involved, the children’s best interests are always of the highest priority. When parents of minor children get divorced (or when unmarried parents separate), an order for child support is crucial to make sure children are supported.  For that reason, having a skilled and experienced family law attorney is critical.

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The team at Nevada Family Law Group wrote the law establishing an equivalent duty for parents to support their children. Usually this equates to a fixed percentage of the parent’s gross income, between certain statutory minimums and maximums. In Nevada, a child support order is not dischargeable in bankruptcy and cannot be evaded by purposefully becoming unemployed or underemployed.

Nevada’s child support rules, also allow for regular adjustments in child support payments to account for changed circumstances. Either parent has the right to seek a review of their child support order once every three years, or any time if the income of the non-custodial parent changes by more than 20%. For more information, see ourArticle about child support  here.

Holding an absentee parent accountable is sometimes necessary.

Sometimes, a parent believes they can shirk their responsibility and not pay child support.  In reality, a parent’s duty to support their children exists at the time of the child’s birth, and if they don’t pay, a court can require payment of support going back as far as four years.  At other times, a parent begins paying support and then simply stops.  In either case, the other parent who is shouldering the entire burden benefits from calling Nevada Family Law Group for help.

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Whether due to changes in income, the passage of time, or otherwise, many parents are in need of current court orders to better meet their children’s needs. Contact the Child Support Attorneys at Nevada Family Law Group if you have questions about your child support rights. (702) 910-4300.

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